Operating System

Windows 8 and later


Office 2013 and later

Jama Connect™

All versions that support API v1 / Connect v8.43 and later

Set-up in Jama Connect™

Roadmap items which should be displayed on the roadmap need to have a field configured that corresponds to a release quarter. Currently RoadmapMagic expects a Jama Connect™ picklist field. The picklist elements will be layed out on the time line according to their order ID in the Jama Connect™ configuration. You may use values denoting quarters, half years, or even years. E.g.: 2021 Q3, 2021 Q4, 2022 H1, 2022 H2, 2022, Future.

Roadmap items may be linked in Jama Connect™ to higher level planning items like strategic themes or epics.
Roadmap magic will align all roadmap items that belong to a higher level planning item on the same horizontal row where the higher planning item is located.